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The system - CTS technology & concept developed, is a full-scale solution for fast and cost-effective horizontal transfer of standard ISO freight containers and or swap bodies between the two modes: rail and road.

The Container Transfer System consists of operational hardware for road and rail, meaning, to perform a horizontal transfer with the CTS technology the required elements are;

The Container Transfer System consists of a; I; Trailer-unit, II; Wagon-unit

I: a CTS-trailer equipped with the dynamic transfer technology, necessary to execute the transfer horizontally to and from the railway wagon.

II: The CTS wagon adapter, placed on top of an intermodal freight container wagon enabling the transfer recipient horizontally of a container or/a swap body

The technology is patented and is reviewed on a continuous basis.

The benefits:

  • The concept can deliver more than a 60% procent reduction in Co2 emission, based on a multimodal freight with diesel driven trucks for first and lastmile distribution. The potential is much greater given the freight units operate with 100 % electrified and utilize green energy.
  • The concept can, based on the input parameters, move upwards of 88% of the total freight volume to a multi- modal distribution (rail long distance / trucks first and lastmile), enabled by the CTS rapid-model. (As transportation demand change, so can/will the potential be to move entire freight volumes).
  • The technology and concept is a competitive and sustainable alternative to conventional single carrier freight.
  • The concept is 10-15% cheaper than driving a truck
  • The concept is based on combined transport of goods and passengers
  • City logistics - The solution can incorporate a distribution set-up for deliverance of cargo in the largest cities
  • Removes the incentive for social dumping, carbotage driving and non-value-adding long-distance haul by truck
  • If fully implemented the Rapid-concept will reduce the travelling time (in DK) between the 10 largest cities in the country.
  • The Rapid-concept is a scalable concept.
  • The Rapid-concept creates green topline and a positive bottom line
  • The business model concludes; the Rapid-concept reduces the congestion
The innovation is based upon a truck/train container transfer system (CTS) and a re-organization of the freight logistical networks in regional HUB/BASE structure. By bringing this disruptive SAFE-CTS concept to market, SGL will drastically optimize the entire inland freight value chain, through cheaper, faster and greener transport of goods. It will empower a paradigm shift by moving part of the increasing freight transport demand from road to more efficient multimodal rail-road transport logistics.