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What is CTS

What is CTS?

The Container Transfer System (CTS) is a seamless and horizontal container transfer technology.

The CTS technology encompasses an entire integrated concept, adapted and fitted to create more lean and sustainable transportation of both people and products.
By using SAFE-CTS technology, each container transfer is done in approx 1 min. As the process can be done simultaneously, an entire trainset can be unloaded and loaded swift and lean. These prospects empower the opportunity to both enhance the rate of transportation by intermodal (rail/truck) modes, eliminating bottlenecks such as e.g. time, and cost-waste in terminals where only cranes or reach-stackers operate. Besides these central hubs or central clusters the CTS technology can operate next to the railway tracks in any area, given the surface is a plane foundation suitable for un/offloading by truck.



Trucks carry the goods/containers from the sender to the closest base, a first mile distribution. At the base the truck equipped with the CTS trailer unit will position itself next to the train-line in parallel and in receiving/or transfer distance to the train wagon. When in position the transfer can be initiated. This operation takes approximately 1 min. The cargo is then transported by train to the receiving base. Here the container is transferred, again via CTS, to another truck (another 60 second operation). Once the process is completed the container is then transported the last mile to the receiver for its final delivery destination.

To learn more about the CTS technology please download our product prospect which elaborates product information on the Container Transfer System & supporting concepts.

To mitigate and accommodate Industrial and societal bottlenecks in the freight transport industry the container transfer system and its supporting concepts pulls from the resources in rail and road freight while discarding the disadvantages from both transportation modes. 


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To find out more about the CTS technology download our product prospectus here:

Safe Green Logistics - Product Prospectus

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